You’ve discovered the one Golf Coach – who can really help you!

Since 2012, Ian Hardie - a full-time golf coach with over 30 years experience in the game - has written more than 600 articles for his Golf website.
His common-sense, easy to follow approach to the game of golf helps golfers of all levels to start the game the right way, quickly improve their skills, continue to play the game of golf or more commonly.
Take their game to a level to a level they never thought was possible. 

This is what Your First Golf Lesson should have been

For golfers new to the game or existing golfers who are frustrated with it and struggling with their full shots. Start with this book!

Practical Golf Psychology

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How to Drive The Golf Ball As Far As You Possibly Can

Would you like to transform your golf game by driving the golf ball as far as you possibly can?
This book will do just that.

The Little Book of Putting

Reducing the number of putts you have in a round is the easiest and quickest way to lower your scores and gain consistency in your golf game

The Little Book of Chipping

Think about the last game of golf that you played - what score would you have had if every chip shot finished close enough to one putt?

The Little Book of Pitching

Are you new to the game and wanting to learn the right way to pitch or an existing golfer that is struggling with your pitching?

The Little Book of Shanking

Got the shanks on the golf course?
Hiding away from the word and the entire subject simply isn’t going to sort the problem out for you!

The Ultimate Guide to Golf Gloves

My FREE guide that tells you all you need to know about golf gloves and why you should be using one or two of them while playing.